Belton Estate Coin Auctions 1 & 2

Belton Estate Coin Auctions 1 & 2

These are the first two of three coin auctions for this estate.  Both timed online auctions are running concurrently with end dates spread one day apart.  Nearly 600 lots to sell to the highest bidder!

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Auction Type:  Timed online auction

Items to include:   Nearly 600 lots spread between the two auctions.  The inventory includes Morgan silver dollars, many US Mint commemorative half dollars (Columbian, Booker T Washington, Pilgrim, Stone Mountain), rolls of Mercury dimes, rolls of wheat cents, pounds of wheat and Memorial cents, bags of nickels, Shield nickels and much more!  These are the first two of three auctions that we will run for this estate.  A sampling of photos have been uploaded to this website - please view the auction catalogs to see the full list of items.

SC Auction Firm License 4109

See the full terms and conditions listed on each website.